Jeanne Beck: Coming Home Through Creating

It seems to me my whole life has been a slow, steady evolution of coming home to myself. I suspect a lot of women of my generation feel that way. My earlier life didn’t offer a lot of stimulation or opportunity to study music or dance or art, all of which interested me greatly, but […]

Samantha Stumpf: Process and Perspective

I’ve recently been  working on tableware for Main Street Arts. I have always enjoyed eating off of handmade dinnerware, it is part of my everyday routine. Each day I get to choose my mug for coffee, my bowl for yogurt and my portion controlled plate for dinner. I enjoy sharing these rituals  with the people who made these […]

Samantha Stumpf: Ongoing Inspiration

Hello, and thank you for checking out my first Inside The Artist’s Studio blog post on the Main Street Arts blog! I would like to introduce myself… I am originally from Baltimore Maryland and started working with clay in high school. I was instantly hooked to the material’s responsiveness  to the sense of touch. I […]

Peter Pincus: Cracks in the Foundation

Last week I was visited by critic and blog writer Jason.  Sleep, In Spite of the Storm piqued Jason’s interest, so he traveled seven hours to see the show and get down to business. Jason was able to find the all the technical flaws in my work, as if directly accessing my thoughts.  Some were […]

Peter Pincus: Centerpiece

If Sleep, In Spite of the Storm is an exhibition about the intimate relationship, then the two large crematory urns in the middle of the space serve as principal anchors.  This post is about their story. Before any other work was made for this show, I carefully researched, blueprinted, scaled, fabricated, finished, and photographed them […]

Peter Pincus: How Long is a Long Time?

Among the pots and vessels featured in Sleep, In Spite of the Storm, you will find a perfume bottle standing on top of a hand mirror.  In my (very) biased opinion, these two are the most complex and compelling objects in this show.  And they better be, because I’ve been working on them for a […]

Introducing Peter Pincus

Hello All, and welcome to my guest blog extravaganza! Allow me to bend your ear about my upcoming show Sleep, In Spite Of The Storm.  In just a few short weeks, July 12th at 3pm to be exact, the doors at Main Street Arts will open and I invite you all to attend.  If you […]