Samantha Stumpf: A Little Bit of Process…

I thought I would share with you a look into my studio and a bit about the process of making the sets of tableware now available in Main Street Arts’ online gallery shop.  My studio is currently located in the Susan B. Anthony  district in  downtown Rochester. I really do love my studio,  the city skyline […]

Samantha Stumpf: Process and Perspective

I’ve recently been  working on tableware for Main Street Arts. I have always enjoyed eating off of handmade dinnerware, it is part of my everyday routine. Each day I get to choose my mug for coffee, my bowl for yogurt and my portion controlled plate for dinner. I enjoy sharing these rituals  with the people who made these […]

Samantha Stumpf: Ongoing Inspiration

Hello, and thank you for checking out my first Inside The Artist’s Studio blog post on the Main Street Arts blog! I would like to introduce myself… I am originally from Baltimore Maryland and started working with clay in high school. I was instantly hooked to the material’s responsiveness  to the sense of touch. I […]