Exhibition Dates:

September 10, 2022 -
October 20, 2022

Reception Date:

September 10, 2022 - 3:00 PM

Artists Included:

Julie Davidow
Lori Nozick
Vickie Pierre
Michelle Polissaint
Beatricia Sagar
Loren Santiesteban
Sara Stites
Michelle Weinberg

Daily Muses

An invitational exhibition co-curated by Vickie Pierre, former Main Street Arts artist in residence—November 2019. The artists included each work with collage or works on paper and the title of the exhibition is taken from Vickie's artist statement.

"My creative process is informed and inspired by memory, fantasy, surrealism, popular culture and the decorative and ornamental arts. This inspiration has manifested itself in years of collecting diverse materials that often serve as muses in my daily practice and as actual, physical elements within my assemblages and installations."—Vickie Pierre