Exhibition Dates:

June 13, 2013 -
August 30, 2013

Other Exhibition Events:

Artists Included:

Ashley Billings
Peter Blackwood
Michael Buell
Bradley Butler
Kathy Calderwood
Andrew Cho
Bobbi Clifford (B Still)
Steve Duprey
Shannon Elliott
Maria Galens
Michael Goscinsky
Colleen Griffin-Underhill (Hintery)
Nick Gurewitch
Mary Housel-Demanchick
Marisa Krol (Interstellar Love Craft)
Meredith Mallwitz
Mitch Messina
Caitlin Pallischeck
Lanna Pejovic
Peter Pincus
Jose Enrique Portas
Jan Romeiser
Lisa Rouse (Swallowtail Studio)
Bob Snyder
Mark Stash
Sam Stumpf
Joe Tarantelli
Mike Tarantelli
Jean Tidd
Karen Tretiak
Amy Vena
Derek Walborn
Kate Whorton


What is local art? Does it have to be made by someone who lives within a certain distance from the venue in which it is shown? Can someone living in another state or country be considered a local artist in Clifton Springs? Artists are constantly making connections and developing relationships with various local communities all over the world. An artist who grew up in upstate New York might move to New York City, or out of state; but they still have that local connection. Likewise, an artist born in another country might decide to attend college in Upstate New York and build local connections here.

An exhibition that addressed the notion of "local art," Locality was Main Street Arts' premiere exhibition which featured over 25 artists. The exhibition included paintings, photographs, sculpture, jewelry, works on paper, and ceramics from artists who have local connections.
Exhibition Photos

Closed 7/28 through 8/3:

We will be closed to the public Friday, July 28 through Thursday, August 4 as we install our next exhibition, Inspired By Nature. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, August 4 from 5 to 8pm!