Print Club of Rochester

Exhibition Dates:

August 15, 2020 -
September 18, 2020

Artists Included:

Carol Acquilano
Katherine Baca-Bielinis
Pat Bacon
Myles Calvert
Chris Charles
Tarrant Clements
Maddie Corsaro
Lori Foster
Kathleen Friedrich
Bob Grove
Richard Harvey
Richard Kegler
Tom Lightfoot
Thomas Logan
Barbara McPhail
Claudia Mejia-Willett
Daniel Rothenberg
Nick Ruth
Alan Singer
Heather Swenson
Lin VanArtsdalen

The Print Club of Rochester: 89th Annual Members Exhibition

An exhibition showcasing the work of 21 members of the Print Club of Rochester along with a selection of presentation prints from the club's archive. The Print Club of Rochester is an organization devoted to preserving and exploring the fine art of printmaking. Club members, ranging from printmakers to collectors to enthusiasts, all share an appreciation for the aesthetic of the medium and its ability to produce images in multiples.
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