Exhibition Dates:

July 23, 2022 -
September 1, 2022

Reception Date:

July 23, 2022 - 3:00 PM

Other Exhibition Events:

Artists Included:

DaShon Aubrey (Rochester, NY)
Suzanne Onodera (Ithaca, NY)
Anne Polashenski (Palmyra, NY)
Rebecca Soriano (Rochester, NY)
Susan Stuart (Albany, NY)
Cliff Wun (Rochester, NY)

For more information:

Six Painters

Six Painters is an exhibition highlighting the work of six painters from across the upstate New York region. The style of painting included in the exhibition ranges from abstraction to representational and back to abstraction again. The exhibition will showcase the surreal, the serene, and the sublime.
Exhibition Photos
Six Painters