Exhibition Dates:

December 3, 2016 -
January 6, 2017

Reception Date:

December 3, 2016 - 4:00 PM


Bleu Cease, Executive Director/Curator of Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) in Rochester, NY.

Artists Included:

Jean Adams
Rebecca Arday
Megan Armstrong
Muhammad Aslam
Katherine Baca-Bielinis
Juliet Bacchas
Anastasia Bachykala
Marcy Baker
Marc Bardon
Ken Beckles
Heather Behrendt
Chris Bohner
Kari Cassellius
Sarah Caudill
Hyesook Choi
Mashiul Chowdhury
Sage Churchill-Foster
Chad Cleveland
Bob Conge
James Conners
Cindy DeFelice
James DeLucia
Carole D'Inverno
Tenley DuBois
Andrea Durfee
James Erickson
Kathleen Farrell
Robert Fiacco
Ruth Foote
Judith Gohringer
Rob Gordon
Leah Gose
Anita Hanch-Hansen
Richard Harvey
Jeffrey Haupt
Douglas Hein
Eirik Heintz
Harriet Heller
Charity Henderson
David Hewson
Thomas Hill
Kyriani Hinkleman
Lee Hoag
Romy Hosford
William howard
Tom Insalaco
Veronica Jaeger
Sue Jenkins
Perry Johnson
Susan Kaye
Boris Keller
Axelle Kieffer
Ilsu Kim
Namdoo Kim
Jappie King Black
Paige Kleinfelder
Judith Kohn
Jordan Kornreich
Kirsten Kraa
Sue Leopard
Zihan Liang
Tom Lightfoot
Joann Long
James Lyles
Shelby Mae
Christopher Maley
Kristin Malone
Ann Mccracken
Matthew Mitros
Nicole Mongelluzzo
Jacqueline Nikol
Richard Nolan
Amy Noonan
Kathryn Noska
Martha O'Connor
Jenna Para
Jim Pearson
Brittany Rea
Andrew Reddout
Joshua Reyes
Stacey Rowe
Kari Ruiz
Amanda Sanchioni
Adolfo Santos
Daniel Scally
Lindsey Schoeneman
Kevin Schoonover
Kim Schrag
Ian Shelly
Kathleen Sherin
Stephanie Sherman
Trina May Smith
Rebecca Spilecki
Patrick Stavens
Bill Stephens
Pat Stevens
Karen Strapp
Werner Sun
Maude Tanswai
Blake Terzini
Hannah Thompsett
Michael Tomb
Jesse Townsley
Danielle Tworek
Michele Vair
Andrew Veerman
Alli Walker
Katie Westmoreland
Kelly Wilton
Carolin Wood
Sabra Wood
Rebekah Wostrel
Patty Wurster
Dan Xue
Matthew Yanchuk
Quan Zhang
The third annual national juried exhibition of small works (12 inches or smaller in any direction) at Main Street Arts. Small Works 2016 features 136 works of art in a variety of media by 116 artists from across the country.

A total of $2,000 in cash awards were announced at the opening, "Best in Show" receives $1,000!
Exhibition Photos
Small Works 2016

Award Recipients

Best in Show
Ian Shelly
"Phony" by Ian Shelly
Juror's Choice - 2D
Trina May Smith
"Milwaukee 1" by Trina May Smith
Juror's Choice - 3D
Xue Dan
"Landscape Series" by Xue Dan
Director's Choice
Megan Armstrong
"The Clear Virtue of Creating a Common Language (106)" by Megan Armstrong
Honorable Mention
Hyesook Choi
"A Relic of a Shopping Bag" by Hyesook Choi
Honorable Mention
Carole D'Inverno
"04116" by Carole D'Inverno
Honorable Mention
Jeffrey Haupt
"Red Coven #2" by Jeffrey Haupt
Honorable Mention
Nicole Mongelluzzo
"Passing By" by Nicole Mongelluzzo
Honorable Mention
Jacqueline Nikol
"Study of a Man with a Mustache" by Jacqueline Nikol
Honorable Mention
Adolfo Santos
"CTA Red Line at Addison" by Adolfo Santos
Honorable Mention
Maude Tanswai
"Embedded" by Maude Tanswai
Honorable Mention
Michele Vair
"The Conversation" by Michele Vair

Closed 7/28 through 8/3:

We will be closed to the public Friday, July 28 through Thursday, August 4 as we install our next exhibition, Inspired By Nature. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, August 4 from 5 to 8pm!