The View from Here:
Paintings by Lanna Pejovic

The View from Here:
Paintings by Lanna Pejovic

Exhibition Dates:

October 6, 2018 -
November 16, 2018

Reception Date:

October 6, 2018 - 4:00 PM

Artists Included:

Lanna Pejovic
A solo exhibition of new work by gallery artist Lanna Pejovic, "The View From Here" explores the sensory world of nature combined with memories of specific places personal to the artist.

"I paint in an impressionistic and abstract style, preferring to recreate the aura of a place rather than a description of it. I become attached to places that are a part of my environment and by continually experiencing them they come to embody my presence. This is the true subject of my landscape paintings."
Exhibition Photos
The View From Here

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