Our Four-legged co-workers

Get to know our furry four-legged co-workers in this next post in our series of staff blogs at Main Street Arts. We hope that this series will give a little insight into who we are, our backgrounds, and our interests. This will be an ongoing feature that will continue throughout the duration of our closure due to COVID-19.


I certainly appreciate a warm purring body next to me when I work. Moon is my very special furry friend. She has been my pet for 10 years, and has seen it all. Moon is perfect and snuggly, she smells good and keeps everyone in the house clean. I’m definitely obsessed with Moon, just ask my family!

(Left) Moon snuggling while I work, (Right) My best friend moon!

My daughter, Penny, took some photos of Moon and I think she captured her perfectly!

Details of Moon, photo by Penny

Vishnu is Moon’s cat best friend. I have had him for 10 years as well and they have been best buddies since the second they met 10 years ago. They snuggle, keep each other clean and play fight (Moon wins). In his old age he has acquired a single white whisker! He loves to play hide and seek and dance with me. He’s a true mama’s boy.

(Left) Self portrait with Moon and Vishnu, (Right) Moon and Vishnu when they were young
Vishnu, with his one white whisker

Our recent acquisition is Rocket “Bobby”. He is still just 10 months old, so he is full of mischief and he chews everything in the house, but my kids love him. He’s still growing on me, and I have certainly realized I am a “cat person” through and through!

(Left) Rocket after his hair cut, (Right) Rocket likes to go on hikes!


For my 32nd birthday, I decided to get a cat. I showed up at the foster home with the intention of getting a grey and white kitten, but this zany sweetie sat in my lap for a bit, and eventually snuck inside of my purse where she fell asleep. So, she didn’t leave me with many options and, to be honest, I’m kind of obsessed with her.

She has a broken tail so I named her Anomaly, but we call her Molly.

She’s chatty, very photogenic, and plays like a dog. For example: we play hide-and-seek every morning. She sneaks up on me and charges at me from around corners. She jumps down the stairs and sees me off in the mornings. She patrols the house at night when my son and I go to bed. She’s got a single mom so she’s taken up the role of vetting potential suitors (Molly is not about sketchy people). She’s mouthy, always has something to say, and I have to be honest––it’s comforting to be in similar company––no one likes outspoken women and we have to stick together.

She steals pens––every pen/pencil/paintbrush that I own is inevitably captured, tortured, and dropped at the bottom of the stairs, where all utensils and cat toys go to die. At worst, it’s a booby trap when I walk up the stairs and almost break my neck. At best, I can never find a pen. Classic Molly.

American pet culture is absolutely a strange phenomenon, but I am 100% into this kind of weird. Here’s my cat:


My work-from-home coworkers: Brad, Rodney, and Margot

Some of you might know my work from home coworkers. There’s Brad— you all know him — and then there’s the two four-legged coworkers, Margot and Rodney. Brad is going to tell you more about Margot, so I will introduce you to Rodney—his full name is Rodney Zissou Butler, in reference to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

(Left) The cutest little land seal begging for a snack, (Right) Rodney loves riding in the car and would gladly be chauffeured around than go for a walk any day

You may have seen this handsome little hippo around the gallery a few times. Over the past two years, he’s had a few surgeries and health problems with which would could not leave him alone. So he has tagged along to work with us, spending his work days at the gallery napping in the office, or keeping a close eye on the sidewalk.

One of the first photos I ever saw of Rodney. How could you not fall in love with that handsome face?
The very first time we met Rodney in May 2015

Rodney can be a bit intimidating but don’t let his looks or his bark fool you. Rodney is deaf and can be hesitant around people for that reason. He doesn’t know what he sounds like…we often have to tell this people when we are out on walks. Once he let’s you in and sits on your foot, that means he trusts you. It just takes him a while to warm up. He was treated very badly before he became a Butler.

Passed out on the couch, a common occurrence in household

We adopted Rodney from K9 Orphans in Rochester almost 5 years ago, at the end of May 2015. A good friend of mine is a volunteer and foster for the organization. She showed me his photo and I just fell in love. We were told he was a couch potato, and I would say that is 97.5 percent true (see photo evidence above). But the other 2.5 percent, he is a wild boy running around the yard and tearing down the stairs when someone walks by the house.

Always snuggling with his mom, never snuggling with his dad

He may be known as the world’s biggest momma’s boy. We sometimes sing him the song “Momma’s Boy” by Chromeo even though he can’t hear it.


This is what working from home looks like sometimes

Our dogs have loved having us work from home these past eight weeks. They get to go for more walks around the neighborhood and more rides in the car. I’m sure they like to have their alone time too but it seems like they are fine with being our co-workers, although they don’t seem to be helping out too much.

(Left) Margot at the top of the stairs holding he favorite dinosaur toy. (Right) Margot and Rodney hanging out in the backyard

When Sarah and I bought our house in 2012, we felt the time had come for a dog to join us and we decided to adopt from Lollypop Farm. When we came upon Margot’s kennel I felt an immediate connection with her. She was a stray who made her way up north from the Carolinas and she was super skinny when she first came home with us. I remember thinking that people would judge us for starving our dog! We bought her a sweater that hung off of her but it didn’t taker her long to outgrow it all together.

Family portrait at the beach, interrupted by a wave!

Margot is about 10 years old now and still acts like she’s the 2 year old dog we adopted, full of energy and sometimes, a wild animal. Her full name is Margot Tenenbaum Butler—yes, like in The Royal Tenenbaums. Sarah and I are big Wes Anderson fans!—although I call her many other names too: the old gal, pooch, chooch, Margaret, and dog, to name a few.

Margot and I are both early risers and she won’t let anyone sleep much past 7:30 because that’s breakfast time. She’s a stickler for routine, loves walking and won’t shy away from an adventure.

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