Originally, from Jamaica, W.I., I reside in Rochester, NY. I developed a passion for art after observing another young boy drawing and was amazed by his ability to transfer a young girl’s face to a piece of paper. From that point on I began to teach myself. I started out drawing in the dirt in Jamaica. After I arrived in Rochester, I started drawing on paper bags from the grocery store. I read and studied just about any art related books I got my hands on. I am always trying to improve myself.

Dunstan Luke
Dunstan Luke painting in his studio

I paint mainly in oil but I also use other mediums as well. Although Realism is my preferred choice of painting style, I like to be versatile in my work, that way it does not become monotonous. My experiences of Jamaica and Rochester, and just about any other daily event—the news, conversation, dreams, etc., etc.—it all reflects in my work.

The Hudson River School of Art doctrine; skill should not be used to impress the viewer, with the artist’s virtuosity or temperament should be more than a demonstration of the painter’s technique. It should make the viewer feel as if they were actually there. (Time Life)

Dunstan Luke's Garden

My home and garden are my studio and gallery. I work in different rooms because of the atmosphere’s influence on my mood. During the warmer months I host a garden art show with other artists.

Hudson Avenue by Dunstan Luke in Figure/Ground at Main Street Arts
Hudson Avenue by Dunstan Luke, Oil on Canvas 24in x 30in
Hudson Avenue by Dunstan Luke, Oil on Canvas 24in x 30in

My work can be found on Facebook and I also have work on permanent display at New City Café, 441 Parsells Ave., Rochester, NY and occasionally, I donate work to different organizations and participate in events.
The majority of my work is private collection.

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