My name is Wira Babiak and I was born in Toronto to Ukrainian immigrants and moved to Colorado in the 60’s where my father received a faculty position at the University of Colorado and stayed in the Boulder area ever since. I retired from the University of Colorado Boulder as an Art/Art History Advisor and now make art full-time. I took my first art class at age 14 starting out in graphite and pen and ink. Later I transitioned into acrylics and it wasn’t until thirty some years later that I picked up water colors and in the last ten years, oils.

Teller Farm in Fall oil, 11 x 14 (2016)

I learned much about design from painting Ukrainian Easter Eggs and created contemporary/modern themes using the ancient technique of wax and dye.

Easter Eggs by Wira Babiak
Ukrainian Easter Eggs by Wira Babiak

Oils are now my preferred medium even though I dabble in all art mediums. I guess you can call me a multi media artist.  In particular I enjoy (plein air ) painting outdoor open spaces and documenting them before they are lost to residential and commercial development. I would say that my work is contemporary representational but I do like to explore some aspects of abstract form into many of my pieces. It depends on mood and feeling.

Funplay by Wira Babiak
Funplay by Wira Babiak—included in Small Works 2020

I try to create some kind of meaning, some vagueness or guessing and always curious for the viewer’s interpretation. There are no shock values in my work. I would say that the viewer is relating and understanding my work whether happy, sad, humorous or calmness to name a few.

Wira Babiak's studio
Wira Babiak’s studio

Yes and no my work has changed over the years. Sometimes I am amazed that I painted or drew a piece 30 years ago and wonder if I could make art like that again. I think I have stayed consistent with making meaningful and story telling art for the viewer to interpret. However once in awhile I will let loose with abstract and mix everything up.  The bottom line is to have fun when making art.

My work can be found on my Facebook page and website

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