Joaquin Croxatto

Joaquin Croxatto

Brooklyn, NY
February 1, 2018 -
March 31, 2018

"My method needs to be consistent and slow paced to achieve the effect I'm pursuing many layers of information to achieve ordained complexity. I start with a grid and the toning of the canvas, followed by chalk drawings based on sketches, setting the value composition with transparent under paintings, up to the first layer of color keys that will be re-stated constantly.

My paintings consist of sophisticated color relations set in a strict geometric grid, condensing forms and figures into unexpected visual directions. Using vibrant colors, traditional techniques and powerful designs I transform known and familiar subjects under an intricate mechanical patterns into a subtle visual poetry of symbolic elements. I search for an aesthetic crush, to compose a cathartic epic, or in any case, to jump-start a dialogue between image, object and the booming super-digital culture."

Work Samples

Closed 7/28 through 8/3:

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