Chicago, IL
February 1, 2020 -
March 31, 2020

"I’ve recently become fascinated with a phenomenon known as the Great Moon Hoax. In 1835, a newspaper called the New York Sun published a series of articles detailing the invention of a new telescope that allowed astronomers to see fantastic happenings on the moon, including bat-winged humanoids, vast plains of giant amethyst crystal, and blue, bipedal beavers. All the images supplementing these reports were printed traditionally as lithographs and reliefs. When these articles were published, people believed them, since illustrations and texts like these were the way they normally learned about current events.

I’m fascinated by the factualizing quality the printed image has obtained due to its history as a primary disseminator of pre-digital information. Through printmaking and animation, I attempt to harness this quality as a means of breathing reality into supernatural phenomena. My recent work is largely inspired by Jewish ceremonial and folk art."

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