Meredith Olinger

Meredith Olinger

Meredith Olinger
Memphis, TN
October 1, 2018 -
October 31, 2018

"I work with wallpaper that I design and produce myself, both digitally and by hand. Layers of wallpaper are affixed to a surface, ripped away, and then collaged back in. My process is one of digging and building, cutting and pasting. I continue until the piece feels right. Sometimes it’s when it looks like an actual artifact, a found wall. Or sometimes it’s the exact opposite, a completely new thing.

I make patterns out of everything. I’ll scan to-do lists, repeat images of old paintings, or use graphic design work from past jobs. Nothing is off limits. I also photograph my work while it is in process, make a pattern out of it, and then place that back into the work. I am interested in the possibilities of digital representation, the dependence of art and design on each other, and the elements of chance and control. I walk the line between painting and installation, art and design, blurring and, ultimately, eradicating these distinctions."

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