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Photography, Interdisciplinary
Toronto, Canada
May 1, 2018 -
May 31, 2018

"In my series 'Cyclical', I montage elements of photographs to create mirror-like moments, blending them seamlessly in the natural Upstate New York background. Using photography to explore how reality is constructed, I find a poetic symmetry in art and nature.

'Cyclical' experiments with the idea of eternal recurrence through forced visual and written repetition. I overlap sections of a photograph in a mirror-like style and then digitally manipulate them to blend seamlessly into the natural background.

Nature is pure in existence, wild in form, and seemingly random in occurrence, yet the theme of repetition within the theory still applies. The finished editing does not immediately stand out, but rather is discovered through the mind’s habitual recognition of subtle patterns, symmetry, and visual discrepancies."

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