Zoey Murphy Houser

Zoey Murphy Houser

Zoey Murphy Houser
Newark, NY
March 1, 2018 -
April 30, 2018

"My 'Patchwork Animals' are inspired by my childhood collection of well-loved stuffed animals, which instilled in me a love for the real-life creatures they represent. Further inspirations include peculiar creatures doing absurdly-adorable things, news of endangered animals & their habitats, and children's stories of animals.

I intend to expand upon various aspects of these animals: their size, texture, color and how they interact with one another; how their interactions impact the viewer. I want to experiment with their postures and expressions so as to accentuate their life-like existence while also provoking the viewer to reminisce on the innocence of childhood. This world can be cruel – my Patchwork Animals serve as a reprieve from the turmoil."

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