George Wegman “Litchfield Street II”

Artist: George Wegman
Media: Ink jet print
Size: 10in x 12in


Artist Statement
“COVID-19 arrived with a vengeance in the spring of 2020. Life changed for all of us and so did my art. Currently the works that I make are based on the photos that I take in my neighborhood on my daily walks. My art has always been about exploring new images. I follow my muse wherever it takes me.”

Biographical Statement
George Wegman was born in Rochester, NY, second in a family of eleven children. For the last 51 years he has been a practicing artist. Rochester has been his home throughout almost all of his life; his work, family, art community, and a rich cultural life keep him here. He is the father to two creative sons, and a grandfather also. George worked as a carpenter and craftsman for forty years.

He retired from St. John’s Home in 2011 after serving the elder community there for 26 years. He continues to be present at St. John’s as a volunteer with the senior studio art group. George believes that talent alone does not make an artist, an artist. There is no substitute for diligent and persistent work if one is to evolve and develop. Art, being the ‘signature of man’, enriches life and has the potential to heal this broken and divided world. These are lessons that he learned as a young artist while serving as the graduate assistant to Fred Meyer in the MFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Throughout his career his many mentors including, Peter Monacelli, Jacque and Tarrant Clements, Lawrence Williams, Chuck Haas, Kurt Feuerherm, Bob Conge, and Joe Hendrick have served him as teachers, supportive friends, and prolific artists. An artist never stops learning from others.





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