Tarrant Clements “Untitled-KK-33”

Artist: Tarrant Clements
Acrylic and Collage
26in x 34in


Artist Statement
“I start with an idea, usually something very simple, like how two shapes might go together or how a line might touch a shape. And then I let the piece grow from there. I try many things that don’t work, reject them, try something else, react and so on, each step suggesting the next step. Eventually it works itself into a finished piece.

This ‘giving over’ to the piece can be daunting. It makes you struggle. It doesn’t allow you the comfort of the known. But I see it as exciting-knowing that my only limitations are what I give myself permission to do.”

Biographical Statement
Received an MFA from the School of American Craftsman at Rochester Institute of Technology in Ceramic Sculpture in 1968. Tarrant first started making
things as a small child and has been working intensively in many mediums for all these 70 years, exhibiting locally and nationally with work included in
many collections.




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