Maliya Travers Crumb

Maliya Travers Crumb

Maliya Travers Crumb, ceramic artist included in The Cup, The Mug

Maliya Travers Crumb of Penfield, NY

Artist Statement:
“Functional pottery is an opportunity for a piece of fine art to form a personal relationship with someone. It is something that is loved and held, that wears with time and becomes a part of a person’s daily life. I apply illustration and narrative techniques to my ceramics as a vehicle for forging this relationship. My hope is that my art tells the story of where magic intersects with everyday life. “

Maliya is a ceramic artist from Rochester NY who creates small batch pottery. She loves finding the intersection where the two-dimensional meets the three-dimensional and finding ways to make art that is uniquely her own.

works by this artist available for purchase

Works available by this artist will be accessible here when the exhibition opens on November 1 at 11 a.m. EST