Brandon Bishop

Brandon Bishop of Athens, GA

Artist Statement: 

“I work in clay for its willingness to transform and manipulate in many shapes. Clay has become a perfect medium for me for its use of imagery. My work consists of ceramic functional ware that uses layers of slips, underglazes, and stains to create 2-D imagery on the surface. In my practice, I discover a since repetition, structure, and order within the process of embellishing the surface of my pottery. During this process of layering and inlaying, the work becomes diagrammatic. Often within the structure and order of the work, I ruminate it with pictorial imagery. The imagery is a stream of consciousness referencing past experiences and relationships that I explore. My imagery is gestural. Although my work is a bit playful, the important part of the work is to manifest an experience with the person holding my work. I try to create a relationship with not just the imagery on the pot itself, but with the person who is having this experience also.”

Brandon Bishop is a local from Georgia. Brandon grew up in Hawkinsville, GA. In 2014, he moved to Athens, GA to pursue his education in arts at the University of Georgia. He received his BFA emphasis in Ceramics in 2018. Right after graduation Brandon became employed by Maria Dondero as her studio assistant and continues to be employed up to the present. He continues his practice in pottery in Athens, GA. 

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