Hector Kriete

Hector Kriete of Austin, TX

Artist Statement:

“My work is an evolving process that begins on the potters wheel where I make forms, and capture the beauty of the throwing lines. I continue manipulating the shape in every stage of the drying process to enhance functionality and my understanding of clay. I use saturated glazes to create contrast on a porcelain boy, and surfaces full of texture.”

My life and my art has been a path of breaking boundaries that are formed by rules and expectations. As a Latino immigrant from Colombia, I grew up with the mindset that financial stability was the primary goal in life. But on the inside, I always had a strong desire to create art and a need to be surrounded by nature. I spent my teenage years in Southern California trying to assimilate and suppress my true self. When I started accepting who I was and rediscovering myself through my roots, my soul was nourished and my creativity was sparked. I started doing ceramics when I was a kid in Colombia. When I moved to the States, I focused on my drawing skills, but soon felt constrained by the overwhelming amount of rules imposed by one of my high school teachers. I rediscovered ceramics through a teacher who allowed me to experiment and create without strict direction. This freed me to discover a world of unlimited possibilities. Another inspirational teacher in college taught me the value of making mistakes and not being afraid to take risks. Despite my passion for creating, I still felt bound by the expectations of my family and culture.  One day I realized that my reason for seeking stability was so that eventually I could create anything that I imagined with clay. About a five years ago, I took a leap of faith and left my career in retail, downsizing everything in my life (with the exception of my monstrous Pyrenees dog, Layla). Now starting my fourth decade, my life is starting to imitate my art as I break down the boundaries and expectations that my family, society, and I had of myself when I was younger. I split my time between working at my home studio, teaching, and working two festival seasons here in Austin Texas. I participate in festivals like Art City Austin, Pecan Street Festival, Cherrywood Art Fair, Red Poppy festival, and more. Someone recently asked me how my culture and my experience influence my art. It’s something I can’t explain. It’s just in me and who I am. When I try to do anything other than what I do, it just doesn’t feel right.

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