Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell (Seattle, WA)

“Set in the 1990s, in a predominantly white suburban town, my work is an evolving love letter to my adolescence. I never realized I looked different until I was in elementary school and one of my classmates asked  “what are you?” on the playground. I had never been asked that question before, so I answered innocently—”I’m a girl.” Now as an adult, I’ve heard that dreadful question too many times to count. Growing up I experienced drawn out moments of loneliness as I believed I didn’t “fit” in anywhere. I looked different enough to not be labeled white but “too” white to be accepted as fully Filipino. Struggling to fit into either world has followed me into adulthood but I still reflect upon sweeter and simpler times. When all I cared about was Nickelodeon, going to the mall and chatting with my friends on AOL messenger. My work walks you through my childhood, where colorful patterns and bold sculpture conceal some of those melancholy sentiments.”
Ashley Campbell was and raised in the Pacific Northwest. The daughter of a Filipino mom and a Caucasian father, her work explores nostalgic melancholy and adolescent loneliness, through a playful and maximalist lens. She is self taught and has participated in residencies at Watershed Center for Ceramic Craft, Arrowmont School of Craft and Arquetopia. Currently she teaches at several pottery studios around Northwest Washington and sells her work locally and internationally.

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