Delvin Goode

Delvin Goode (Corona de Tucson, AZ)

“I aspire to masterfully unite ceramic techniques with proven principles of design distributed across all mediums within my work, culminating in new found art appreciation. I am driven to excellence by the connections people make with functional products from the receipt of the item, to unpackaging, to deepened affections as that object is imprinted with memories throughout its use. Superior quality craft, cleverly conceived graphics, and universal humor are essential to my art, and I hope to bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees or uses my work.”
Delvin Goode was born in 1978 in Riverside, CA. During his undergrad studies at Florida State University (1996-2000), Goode explored multiple mediums, but being enrolled in a ceramic course dramatically shifted his passion in arts. The concept of function, and the idea of patrons using versus viewing his art has been a major motivation in his work ever since. Goode learned from his family that you must maintain a good sense of humor and that was reinforced once he became a U.S. Army Soldier in 2002, where he’s used art throughout his career to raise morale for soldiers. In 2015 Goode started a master’s degree program in fine arts at Fort Hays State University and began a focused exploration of ceramics. He graduated in 2021 with a Master of Ceramics degree. Currently he executes a delicate dance between life as a soldier and the ever-present desires of an aspiring artist. 

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